Nims Enterprises, Inc. & Olga's Decoys

Business Name Nims Enterprises, Inc. & Olga's Decoys
Address 9235 Lane Road
Millington 48746-0
Phone (989) 871-9406
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Slay Your Giant Today

”The giant is done!” Eric M., Giant Pike Slayer (42.25” long, 21.5 lbs., 22” girth as seen in this self-produced YouTube video)

Be a giant slayer like Eric. Simply get yourself a Nims Spud & Spear and you’ll bring home a trophy fish as well.

Nims Enterprise features quality, handmade spuds and spears produced in Millington, MI. Producer and ice fishing enthusiast, Ron Nims, started producing these items years ago after being taught the sport by his great-grandfather.

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Nims Spuds are still the best cutting tool in the market. Spuds are available in two selections – the Super Spud with a jagged edge and the Regular Spud with teeth and a 4 ½” handle (weight 7 lbs.).

Made with heat-treated steel, the Nims Spears are heavy duty and custom made with a one piece handle. Six models of spears are available:

  • 7-tine Weighted – Model NW-7
  • 7-time, Non-weighted – Model NNW-7
  • 7-time Perch Spear – Model NP-7
  • 9-tine, Weighted – Model NW-9
  • 5-tine, Non-weighted, Model NNW-7
  • Sucker Spear – Model NNS

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Call (989) 871-9406 or send Ron an e-mail to learn how you can become a giant slayer today. Nims Spuds & Spears are sold to distributors in Michigan and direct to consumer in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Is It Real or Is It a Decoy?

Give the giant a reason to come your way!

Lure the giant your way with an Olga’s Decoys. These handcrafted fish decoys are so real like you might even mistake them for the giant … except they’re a tad bit smaller.

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Made with a delicate hand and attention to detail these fish decoys are specifically weighted and designed to buoy like an actual fish swimming around your fishing hole.

Olga’s Decoys may lure the giant your way but they can also be used for home décor, gifts, event trophies, and more.

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Be sure to catch your decoy today by calling Olga at (989) 871-9406 or send her an e-mail at Custom ordering is available.