Churches & Religious Organizations

The Thumb Area Tourism Council is supported through a membership program. Our members are listed based on category level and in alphabetical order, followed by non-members. Only the business name and location will show for non-members.

Name Address Phone  
Akron Community Church Of God 3703 Main St
(989) 691-0014  
Arbela United Methodist Church 8496 Barnes Rd
(989) 871-7673  
Assembly Of God Church 1543 Van Geisen Rd
(989) 673-5414  
Assembly Of God-sebewaing 7989 Unionville Rd
(989) 883-3854  
Baptist Parsonage 8689 State Rd
(989) 871-4729  
Bethel Chapel Assembly Of God 10037 Lewis Rd
(989) 871-4416  
Bickel Timothy 8581 Fulmer Rd
(989) 871-5015  
Bruner James 8843 Fulmer Rd
(989) 871-2407  
Calvary Baptist Church 4446 Ale St
Cass City
(989) 872-4088  
Calvary Bible Fellowship 4446 Ale St
Cass City
(989) 872-4088  
Calvary Chapel Fellowship 4784 Washburn Rd
(989) 823-3270  
Caro Church Of The Nazarene 1494 Purdy Rd
(989) 673-6175  
Caro Community Of Christ 2081 E Deckerville Rd
(989) 673-2498  
Caro United Methodist Church 670 W Gilford Rd
(989) 673-2246  
Cass City Missionary Church 4449 Koepfgen Rd
Cass City
(989) 872-2729  
Cass City United Methodist Chr 5100 N Cemetery Rd
Cass City
(989) 872-4604  
Cass City United Methodist Church Office 5100 N Cemetery Rd
Cass City
(989) 872-3422  
Christ Lutheran Church 1946 S Reese Rd
(989) 868-3281  
Church Of Christ 1690 Mertz Rd
(989) 673-6779  
Church Of Christ-novesta 2896 N Cemetery Rd
Cass City
(989) 872-1195  
Church Of God Parsonage 8609 Vassar Rd
(989) 871-9758  
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds 1695 W Gilford Rd
(989) 673-7201  
Church Of Nazarene 6538 3rd St
Cass City
(989) 872-2604  
Church Of The Nazarene 6609 Lincoln St
(989) 665-2635  
Church United 2024 Liberty St
(989) 693-6564  
Colling Nazarene Church 5063 Colling Rd
(989) 673-3098  
Colwood United Brethren Church 1840 Colwood Rd
(989) 673-3274  
Community Baptist Church 8003 Birch Run Rd
(989) 871-2184  
Cornerstone Full Gospel Flwshp 4700 Center St
(989) 871-5778  
Cross Roads Community-christ 3615 Mertz Rd
(989) 673-8634  
Crossway Assembly Of God 2200 S Reese Rd
(989) 868-3232  
Dayton Center Church 3632 Phelps Lake Rd
(989) 843-6351  
Deford Community Church 1392 N Kingston Rd
(989) 872-4055  
Deford Country Church 5903 Main St
(989) 872-5158  
East Arbela Church Of Christ 6496 Arbela Rd
(989) 871-4411  
Evangelical Free Church 6430 Chestnut Blvd
Cass City
(989) 872-5060  
Fairgrove Presbyterian Church 5040 Maple St
(989) 693-6043  
First Baptist Church 1535 W Gilford Rd
(989) 673-3545  
First Baptist Church 6420 Houghton St
Cass City
(989) 872-3155  
First Baptist Church 4009 Millington Rd
(989) 871-4149  
First Baptist Church 5880 Frankenmuth Rd
(989) 823-8133  
First Presbyterian Church 6505 Church St
Cass City
(989) 872-5400  
First Presbyterian Church 250 W Huron Ave
(989) 823-7671  
First United Methodist Church 139 N Main St
(989) 823-8811  
Fostoria Baptist Church 8933 Fostoria Rd
(989) 795-2185  
Free Methodist Church 1216 E Caro Rd
(989) 673-6448  
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 6820 Main St
Cass City
(989) 872-2770  
Grace Lutheran Church 1809 S Main St
(989) 693-6322  
Grace Lutheran Church 885 Saginaw St
(989) 823-8293  
Great Lakes Baptist Church 3409 Akron Rd
(989) 691-5454  
Hillside Gospel Hall 4235 Hurds Corner Rd
Cass City
(989) 872-5070  
Holiness Missionary Church 5250 Caine Rd
(989) 823-0040  
Jehovah's Witnesses Hall 1600 W Gilford Rd
(989) 673-3690  
Juniata Baptist Church 5656 Washburn Rd
(989) 823-7848  
Kile Edward 8700 State Rd
(989) 871-2799  
Kingdom Hall-jehovah's Witness 1600 W Gilford Rd
(989) 673-7582  
Kingston United Methodist Chr 3449 Washington
(989) 683-2832  
Lifeline Victory Center 800 S. State Rd
(989) 823-8504  
Lighthouse Baptist Church 1553 E Caro Rd
(989) 673-7402  
Living Waters Chapel 650 S Hooper St
(989) 673-2160  
Living Word Worship Ctr 6536 Houghton St
Cass City
(989) 872-4637  
Mayville United Methodist 601 E Ohmer Rd
(989) 843-6151  
Millington Baptist Church 4727 Center St
(989) 871-3199  
Millington Church Of God 4855 Barnes Rd
(989) 871-9065  
Millington Church-nazarene 8692 State Rd
(989) 871-3112  
Mills Memorial Baptist Church 6120 Fox St
(989) 843-6433  
Ministry Of The Word 2926 Church St
(989) 674-2632  
Ministry of Word 2926 Church St
(989) 674-2632  
Mizpah Missionary Church 4631 Van Dyke Rd
Cass City
(989) 550-8533  
Moonlight Ministries 135 N. Sheridan Street
(989) 992-3313  
Moravian Church 2711 Cass St
(989) 674-8686  
Nazarene Church 125 Division St
(989) 823-8697  
New Creation Community Church 114 N Almer St
(989) 673-0506  
Pineview Mennonite Church 4415 Swaffer Rd
(989) 871-9827  
Pleasant View Free Methodist 8643 Lapeer Rd
(989) 843-6681  
Potter's House Christian 6455 6th St
Cass City
(989) 872-5186  
Presbyterian Church 215 N Almer St
(989) 673-6630  
Providence Church 371 Cass River Dr
(989) 673-7997  
Rich Bible Church 2883 W Snover Rd
(989) 843-6559  
Seventh Day Adventist Church 3292 Bay St
(989) 674-8406  
Seventh Day Adventist Church 5920 Frankenmuth Rd
(989) 823-8791  
Shay Lake Christian Church 4260 Shay Lake Rd
(989) 843-5501  
Silverwood United Methodist 2750 Clifford Rd
(989) 761-7599  
St Agathas Rectory 4618 South
(989) 665-9966  
St Elizabeth's Church 12835 E Washington Rd
(989) 868-4081  
St Frances X Cabrini 334 Divisions St
(989) 823-2911  
St Joseph Church 315 W Ohmer Rd
(989) 843-6565  
St Luke's Lutheran Church 916 W Huron Ave
(989) 823-7923  
St Michael's Lutheran Church 3455 S Van Buren Rd
(989) 868-4791  
St Pancratius Church 4292 Seeger St
Cass City
(989) 872-3336  
St Paul Lutheran Church 6115 1st St
(989) 843-5851  
St Paul Lutheran Church 6356 Center St
(989) 674-8681  
St Paul Luthern Church 503 S State St
(989) 673-4214  
St Paul's Lutheran Church 4941 Center St
(989) 871-4581  
St. Peter Lutheran Church ELCA 5139 French Rd
(989) 674-2922  
Sutton-sunshine United Meth 2988 Colwood Rd
(989) 673-6695  
Trinity Episopal Church 106 Joy St
(0) 0-  
Trinity Lutheran Church 9858 North St
(989) 868-9901  
Tuscola Assembly Of God 8959 Van Cleve Rd
(989) 871-3219  
Tuscola Community Church 8990 Van Cleave Rd
(989) 871-3788  
Tuscola Homeless Coalition PO Box 323
(989) 672-7674  
United Methodist Church 5116 Center St
(989) 693-6564  
United Methodist Church 4750 South St
(989) 665-2661  
United Methodist Church 3449 Washington St
(989) 683-2832  
United Methodist Church 9020 State Rd
(989) 871-3489  
United Methodist Church 9857 Saginaw Street
(989) 868-9957  
Vassar Seventh Day Adventist Church 5920 Frankenmuth Rd
(989) 823-8791  
Wahjamega Country Church 2551 Center Rd
(989) 673-4702  
Watertown Center Missionary 1812 Millington Rd
(989) 795-2709  
Watrousville United Methodist 4446 W Caro Rd
(989) 673-3434  
Wesleyan Church 3248 Washington St
(989) 683-2969  
West Deerfield United Methodist Chr 383 Otter Lake Rd
(810) 793-2116  
West Forest United Methodist 7292 Farrand Rd
(989) 871-3456  
Wisner United Methodist Church 5375 Vassar Rd
(989) 691-5277  
Wyatt Len 3275 River St
(989) 683-2572  
Community of Christ - Croswell Croswell    
Agape Christian Center - Elkton Elkton    
Applegate United Methodist Chr Applegate    
Applegate Wesleyan Church Applegate    
Assembly Of God Church Bad Axe    
Bad Axe Church Of Christ Bad Axe    
Bay Port United Methodist Bay Port    
Bethel Church Of Cma Marlette    
Brown City Methodist Church Brown City    
Brown City Missionary Church Brown City    
Brown City United Methodist Brown City    
Buel United Methodist Church Croswell    
Calvary Baptist Church Bad Axe    
Calvary Baptist Church Caseville    
Carsonville Assembly Of God Carsonville    
Caseville United Methodist Caseville    
Catholic Family Svc Bad Axe    
Charity Baptist Church Marlette    
Church of Christ Deckerville    
Church Of God Sandusky    
Church Of Jesus Christ Croswell    
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds Bad Axe    
Church Of The Nazarene Bad Axe    
Community Baptist Church Croswell    
Community of Christ - Bay Port Bay Port    
Community of Christ - Habor Beach Harbor Beach    
Community of Christ - Marlette Marlette    
Community of Christ - Sandusky Sandusky    
Community of Christ - Shabbona Decker    
Community Wesleyan Church - Elkton Elkton    
Cornerstone Ministries Bad Axe    
Countryside Free Methodist Sandusky    
Cross Lutheran Church ELCA Pigeon    
Croswell United Methodist Chr Croswell    
Croswell Wesleyan Church Croswell    
Croswell Wesleyan Rock Croswell    
Decker United Methodist Church Decker    
Deckerville Bible Church Deckerville    
East Marion Baptist Church Deckerville    
Eastern Thumb Cooperative Prsh Deckerville    
Elkton Missionary Church Elkton    
Elkton United Methodist Elkton    
Emmanuel Baptist Church Sandusky    
Evangel Life Assembly of God Bad Axe    
Fairhaven Community Church Bay Port    
Fairhaven Mennonite Church Bay Port    
Faith Baptist Church Brown City    
Faith Bible Baptist Church Sebewaing    
Faith Bible Baptist Church Harbor Beach    
Faith Free Methodist Church Snover    
Faith Gospel Tabernacle Bad Axe    
Fellowship Bible Church Brown City    
Filion Church of Nazarene Filion    
First Baptist Church Deckerville    
First Baptist Church Bad Axe    
First Missionary Church Bad Axe    
First Presbyterian Church Croswell    
First Presbyterian Church Marlette    
First Presbyterian Church Bad Axe    
First United Methodist Church Marlette    
First United Methodist Church Sandusky    
First United Presbyterian Chr Deckerville    
Free Methodist Church Bad Axe    
Good News Assembly Of God Marlette    
Good Shpherd Lutheran Church Caseville    
Goodland Country Church Brown City    
Grace Bible Church Marlette    
Harbor Beach First Baptist Church Harbor Beach    
Harbor Beach First Presbyterian Harbor Beach    
Harbor Beach United Methodist Harbor Beach    
Hayes United Methodist Church Bay Port    
Hayes Untied Methodist Church Pigeon    
Heritage United Methodist Chr Snover    
Holy Family Church - Catholic Sebewaing    
Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church Sandusky    
Hope Lutheran Church Marlette    
Immanuel Lutheran Church Sebewaing    
Immanuel Revival Church Brown City    
Jehovah's Witnesses Sandusky Sandusky    
Jehovah's Witnesses Sandusky Congregation Deckerville    
Kilmanagh United Methodist Bay Port    
Kinde Presbyterian Church Kinde    
Kingdom Hall-jehovah's Witness Bad Axe    
Lamotte Missionary Church Marlette    
Lexington United Methodist Chr Lexington    
Lighthouse Assembly of God - Harbor Beach Harbor Beach    
Lights Of Hope Ministry Sandusky    
Living Word Missionary Church Lexington    
Marlette Apostolic Church Marlette    
Marlette Baptist Church Marlette    
Marlette Community of Christ Marlette    
Marlette Second Prsbytrn Chr Marlette    
Melvin Baptist Church Melvin    
Michigan Avenue Mennonite Church - Pigeon Pigeon    
Mooretown Brethren In Christ Sandusky    
New Covenant Living Outreach Sandusky    
New Covenant Living Outreach Center Sandusky    
New Life Ministries Church Bad Axe    
New Salem Lutheran Church Sebewaing    
Omard United Methodist Church Brown City    
Open Door Missionary Church Sandusky    
Our Lady of Lake Huron Harbor Beach    
Our Savior Lutheran Church Bad Axe    
Our Saviour Lutheran Church Marlette    
Owendale Community of Christ Church Elkton    
Peace Lutheran Church Sandusky    
Peck Assembly Of God Church Peck    
Peck Melvin Methodist Peck    
Pigeon First United Methodist Pigeon    
Pigeon River Mennonite Church Bay Port    
Port Austin United Protestant Church Port Austin    
Port Hope United Methodist Church Port Hope    
Port Sanilac Baptist Church Carsonville    
Potter's House Christian Croswell    
Reorg Ch Of Jesus Christ Lds Lexington    
Reorg Ch Of Jesus Christ Lds Marlette    
Reorg Ch Of Jesus Christ Lds Bad Axe    
Reorg Chr Of Jesus Christ Lds Bay Port    
River's Edge Caseville    
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Bad Axe    
Sacred Heart Hall Brown City    
Salem United Methodist Church Pigeon    
Sandusky Baptist Church Sandusky    
Sandusky Presbyterian Church Sandusky    
Sebewaing Trinity United Methodist Church Sebewaing    
Seventh Day Adventist Church - Bad Axe Bad Axe    
Shabbona United Methodist Decker    
SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church Ruth    
St Anthony - Catholic Harbor Beach    
St Columbkille Church - Catholic Ubly    
St Denis Catholic Church Lexington    
St Edward Worship Center - Catholic Kinde    
St Elizabeth Catholic Church Marlette    
St Felix Catholic Church Kinde    
St Francis Borgia - Catholic Pigeon    
St Ignatius Catholic Church Ubly    
St John Catholic Church Croswell    
St John Catholic Church Peck    
St John Evangelical Lutheran Church Port Hope    
St John Lutheran Church Port Sanilac    
St John the Evangelist - Catholic Ubly    
St John's Episcopal Church Sandusky    
St John's Episcopal Church - Sand Point Sand Point    
St John's Evanglical Lutheran Church Pigeon    
St John's Lutheran Church Palms    
St John's Lutheran Church Port Hope    
St John's Lutheran Church Sebewaing    
St Joseph Catholic Church Sandusky    
St Joseph Catholic Church Bad Axe    
St Joseph Rectory Bad Axe    
St Joseph's & St Ignatius Argyle    
St Mary Catholic Church Ruth    
St Mary Church Port Sanilac    
St Mary Worship Center - Catholic Kinde    
St Matthew Lutheran Church Lexington    
St Michael's Catholic Church Port Austin    
St Patrick Parish Croswell    
St Patrick's Convent Palms    
St Patrick's Parish Center Palms    
St Paul Episcopal Church Bad Axe    
St Paul Lutheran Church Pigeon    
St Peter's Lutheran Church Kinde    
St Peter's Lutheran of Bach Sebewaing    
St Roch Catholic Church Caseville    
Trinity Episcopal Church Lexington    
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Elkton    
Trinity Lutheran Church Brown City    
Trinity Lutheran Church Minden City    
United Methodist Carsonville    
United Methodist Church Bad Axe    
United Methodist Church Owendale    
United Protestant Church Port Austin    
Unity United Church Of Christ Palms    
Valiant Ministries Of Croswell Croswell    
Victory in Christ Calvary Church Bad Axe    
Victory In Christ Community Church Bad Axe    
Watertown Missionary Church Sandusky    
Wheatland Missionary Church Deckerville    
Zion Lutheran Church Harbor Beach