Freshness Abounds in Michigan’s Thumb Area

Fresh Air! Fresh Produce! Refreshing Waterways!

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It’s been a hot summer across Michigan! Thank goodness for our 150 miles of shoreline. You’re always a hop, skip, and jump away from cooling off!

Michigan's Thumb Area is a great place to create summertime memories. Settle yourself on any of our many beaches, sit back, and listen to the sounds of the summer. The moment you stop to listen you will hear the laughter of children as they run and splash in the water, the sizzle of food on the grill, lapping of the water on the beach, all these sounds will help you to unwind and relax. So, before the warm temps and sunny days are just a memory get out there and enjoy summertime in Michigan's Thumb Area!

North view of farm.jpg Oh, and while you visit the Thumb Area be sure to take in a deep breath of country air. Since we’re a distance away from the big cities our air tends to have less pollution from excessive cars on the road and big factories. This means we have ample fresh air for you to enjoy. So be sure to take an afternoon break, step outside, and breathe in the fresh air. Though, every now and then you’ll smell something a little different. But don’t worry it’s either a cow or chicken farm, or maybe the sweet smell of our sugar factories making Michigan’s famous Pioneer Sugar.

Of course, since we’re a rural community that means one of our primary industries is agricultural. So, you’ll find plenty of homegrown produce at our local farmers markets and at roadside stands. Enjoy the freshness of our Thumb Area treats now or can them for savoring later! Check out where you might find a Thumb Area farmers markets.

Once you’ve selected your Thumb Area produce, here’s a quick recipe to blend your savory treats together to make a delicious summertime salad.

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Warm Summer Salad

Servings 4 – 5

  • 5 cups fresh mixed greens
  • 1 small-medium zucchini, cut into 2 inch spears
  • 1 medium red onion, sliced
  • 2 portabella mushroom caps, grill then slice
  • 1 cup raw pecans
  • ½ cup crumbled goat’s cheese
  • Roasted garlic vinaigrette

Place washed greens in a large bowl and sprinkle with goat’s cheese and pecans, set aside. Grill the zucchini, red onions, and mushroom caps. Once the vegetables are cooked and the mushroom caps sliced, cool slightly and add to the bowl. Toss with vinaigrette to taste. The warm vegetables will melt the cheese creating a creamy dressing making this a delicious salad to enjoy on any summer day!

Now that your lungs are filled with our fresh Thumb air and your tummies are enjoying the freshness of locally grown produce, you can stroll over to our fresh waterways. Whether you prefer the lake or river, we’ve got plenty of options for you from boating on Saginaw Bay or Lake Huron to canoeing down a lazy river. Check out our roadside parks and scenic turnouts, and the Michigan harbor map to find your ideal spot.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, we recommend you check out our friends at Lindy’s Landing Marina & Sales. This family enterprise offers a full-service marina and dealership. The marina is just 10 minutes east of Bay City and offers quick, easy access to Saginaw Bay from the Quanicassee River. The dealership provides a wide variety of year-round recreational vehicles, accessories, and a service department.

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One thing we know for sure as you travel about the Thumb Area is that you’ll discover so much more than we can share in a What’s New update. Just remember to pack your water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, and to have safe travels!

So be sure to come check out Michigan’s “unknown peninsula”, we’re just east of the Great Lakes Bay Region and a short drive north of Metro Detroit. Check out these links to help make planning your Thumb Area trip a breeze:

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Oh, and be sure to check out our calendar of events for listings of fun activities to participate in - outside or indoors.

Want a glimpse of life in the Thumb before you get here? Take a quick trip across the region in our commercials that highlight the beauty of Michigan’s Thumb Area! Check them out here now!

Need to speak with a TATC representative, contact Kris at (810) 569-6856.

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Thanks for visiting Michigan’s Thumb Area. Be sure to come again … You’re always welcome!