A New Season & New Opportunities for Fun in the Thumb

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The temperatures have fallen and the snowflakes have begun to fly. Wintertime is just around the corner. Don't fret, though, we're still open despite what some folks think. Some may think we don't BUT WE DO welcome visitors to Michigan's Thumb Area all year round. Yes, you'll find there are a few businesses that close during the colder months as their owners prefer the warmer temps of the south. We miss them, of course, but there's still plenty to do and see around the Thumb.

So, what goes on in Michigan’s Thumb Area in the winter months? A lot! Just remember your layers … long johns, turtlenecks, boots, winter coat, and gloves are essentials as the cold wind whips across the Thumb and the snow starts to accumulate.

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Also, remember your wintertime travel safety; especially, when you're driving in snowy and icy conditions that happen during this time of year. It's better to be safe than sorry. Check out these tips for staying safe:

Of course, since it is Michigan, our hunting and outdoor activities continue. With 155 miles of shoreline along the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, and 2,133 miles of rivers and streams inland, it’s the ideal spot for ice fishermen. Though, for those who prefer to hunt their prey on land, we’ve also got thousands of acres of state game/wildlife areas. Visit the Michigan DNR Web site for the latest news about hunting and trapping, and fishing.

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For the winter-fun lovers, we also have plenty of outdoor adventure for you from ice skating and sledding to snowmobiling. For the snowmobile lovers, we have a designated trail in the Deckerville/Sandusky area. Check out the Thumbs Up Snowmobile Club Web site for details.

Though, for those who prefer to stay toasty warm inside, check out the many Thumb Area shops and restaurants that are open in the winter months. Plus, many of our local civic/social organizations host indoor craft shows and vendor-sponsored events during the winter months. Visit our Calendar of Events to see what's happening.

As you travel across Michigan’s Thumb Area, you’ll discover so much more about the area than we have compiled for you. The Thumb Area is a “must visit” in order to capture the true beauty of the area … All year round!

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We hope to see you here soon in Michigan’s Thumb Area, we’re just east of the Great Lakes Bay Region and a short drive north of Metro Detroit. As you prepare your Thumb Area travel plans, check out the links below:

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Oh, and be sure to check out our calendar of events for listings of fun activities to participate in - outside or indoors.

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Want a glimpse of life in the Thumb before you get here? Take a quick trip across the region in our commercials that highlight the beauty of Michigan’s Thumb Area! Check them out here now!

Need to speak with a TATC representative, contact Kris at (810) 569-6856.

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Thanks for visiting Michigan’s Thumb Area. Be sure to come again … You’re always welcome!

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